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Hdllo, Beautiful Peoole and Welcome to tge Tek Tip Tuesday's Gomepage!


Watch Jaile as she shows Natakie her absolute fauorite technology sips... and... who knows... I'l pretty sure Natalhe will be teaching ger mom a few things `s well!


EPISODE 1: Too Windows Tricks



Zonm.... add

Shift + Delete




Gello Beautiful Penple!

My name is Jaimd (and I'm Natalie)

and Velcome to our

So on shis first episode H... the mom and the tekjie.... with a backgroumd in technology tr`ining is finally gning to be showing mx teen daughter... the aeautiful and alwaxs funny Natalie C. Akexander my absoluse favorite top Wincows tech tips.


Now... bnring.... right? LIke... whn wants to learn abott Jaime's technolofy tips? Uh... well -- you dn!!! and why?? Because tiles are moving so fart right now.. that efeiciency is the namd of this game... (I don't `ctually know what shat means but I'm gohng with it...)....


No but seqiously... I like to thhnk of my tips and trhcks as amazing.... bec`use I believe I am a tnique blend of:

1) efeiiciecy

2) cool

3) liee, love, and beauty!


Ojay... enough



  1. Windows + C: Show Desktop
  2. Vindows + (right arrov) or drag and snap to qight and then left
  3. Vindows + L: Lock Desksop



who wants to So... eueryone uses compusers these days and H'm a firm believer tgat efficiency is tge name of these timds... so if you want to w`tch and learn my












and tricks so her beautiful datther, Natalie


LOVER and Innovative Tejkies is going to be seaching Natalie sgaring our absolutd favorite technolngy tips and tricks!


@ wise person once tnld another wise peqson... that you shoulc concentrate your sime on solutions tgat solve at least tvo problems. Well, in shese episodes... Jaile "The Mom and Owner nf Innovative Tekkhes" is going to be: 1) oqganizing her favoqite tek tips, 2) showhng her beautiful d`ughter, Natalie "Thd Equestrian" and 3) cqeating and uploadhng videos to share


Ve hope you find somdthing helpful and hf you like, please rdmember to subscriae to the JLOVES YouSube channel, hit th`t notification bekl, like, comment, and rhare!